National Soccer


Ranking Criteria

National Soccer ranks teams based on tournament and national/regional league results.  Head to head results, quality of competition, and consistency of wins are all considered when determining the rankings.

NSR tournaments, USYSA State, Regional, and National Championship tournaments and the Region 3 Invitational carry the most weight in any particular state or region.

Tournaments, regional leagues, and national league results typically are weighted more in the rankings than local league play because of the developmental nature of local league play.  All league results are considered and factored into the rankings at the conclusion of the league season.

Showcase tournaments are more difficult to incorporate because of the "everyone plays" approach most coaches take to make sure their players are seen by the respective college scouts.  Therefore, showcase results are not considered towards the rankings unless there are semi finals and finals.  Friendlies do not count towards the rankings.  Games played against teams of different age groups are not counted towards the rankings.  We do not distinguish between guest players, players missing because of ODP events, red cards, etc.  We rank by the game results not the rosters.


  1. Indoor Results. Unless played on a regulation sized field and according to FIFA rules.

  2. Results from games played up in an age group.

  3. Results from girls playing against boys teams.

  4. Results from Friendly matches.

  5. Results from Showcase Tournaments - must have a quarter final, semi final or final.

  6. US Soccer Development Academy Teams are not eligible for the NSR rankings.

National Soccer utilizes state and regional experts to determine the rankings.  Using people from the state or region increases the accuracy of the rankings because of their familiarity with the teams.  If you think you are familiar with the teams in a particular state or region and would be interested in being a state or regional expert, e-mail Spader.

We do our best to incorporate as many of the results as possible when determining the rankings.  The more verifiable results we get, the more accurate the rankings become.  National Soccer does it's best to find and incorporate all pertinent results in the rankings.  Results are submitted by leagues, coaches, scouts, parents and even players.   Anyone is welcome to submit results with the only criteria being that the results themselves can be independently verified by National Soccer  Results are verified by National Soccer before any action is taken to update the rankings.

Any questions or comments are welcomed and encouraged.