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NSR Staff


NSR Founder - Ron "Spader" Levitt

A nationally licensed coach and certified referee, Spader has been involved in youth soccer since 1995.  Recognizing the need for a more comprehensive, accurate and fair ranking system, National Soccer was established on September 18, 2000.  Based out of Naperville, Illinois, NSR is the longest running, most widely recognized national, regional, and state youth soccer ranking system in the country. The intent of the rankings is to stimulate greater interest in boy's and girl's youth soccer and to recognize those teams and clubs that are attaining remarkable success on a state, regional and national level.  NSR is the only soccer web site utilized by all major soccer tournaments for seeding purposes.  We are the only web site utilized by the USYSA National League for seeding and the only ranking web site recognized by the Super Y-League.  The Super Y-League is affiliated with US Soccer and partnered with US Club Soccer.

NSR is currently involved in running quality tournaments around the country.  We offer a platform for soccer enthusiasts to get together and we have developed a player profile system to bring college coaches and youth soccer players together.  NSR is constantly striving to help bring the "beautiful game" to prominence in the U.S.

Spader lives with his wife Kim and their 3 kids in Naperville, Illinois.